‘Safety in the air starts on the ground’ is our core belief. We demonstrate this belief in all our operations and in everything we do.

  • Technology


    Our technology reflects our ambition to be an international standard company in our field. Our investment in technology has been consistent since we started operations. We understand that the efficient application of technology across a range of services drives down cost and boosts efficiency levels. Our goal is to continuously innovate in a steady and focused way. We believe innovation comes from many small improvements which together, increase our efficiency greatly.

  • Security


    Our ambition is to maintain a high security awareness around all aircraft and passengers. This is for the total safety of each passenger and the security of your cargo. We have adopted international standard security and surveillance practices to ensure the safety and protection of everyone.

  • Safety


    Our strong safety culture has been in place since we started our company. We know that a focus on doing things safely is the base on which we build our business. Our safety culture permeates everything we do.

    We believe in keeping air travel safe with the highest security levels. We utilise technology to provide boarding control, baggage and passenger screening, profiling, aircraft security sweeps, patrol and escort services. It means your aircraft and your passengers are safe both in the air and on the ground.

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